‘Hello Henley is professional, reliable and fun to work with…’

I first noticed Aspen had creative talent from seeing her social media posts when she owned Naughty Mutt Nice. It was these posts that motivated me to create my own social media feeds for my own company, Reids of Henley Ltd.

After a few weeks of trying to create an interest in Reids social media posts I became disheartened. It felt very much like I was making a speech into an empty room.

Couldn’t believe my luck when Aspen announced via social media that she was to start Hello Henley. With her creative mind, journalist background along with knowledge of how a small business operates Aspen is the perfect person to manage my social media content.

Within a month Hello Henley has dramatically increased the reach of all Reids’ social media feeds. Every day I now look forward to reading my own posts rather than dreading trying to think of something to catch people’s attention.

Hello Henley is professional, reliable and fun to work with. What’s not to like?

Ian Reid – Reids of Henley Ltd


I found the evening (Creative Duck Talk) not only enjoyable but extremely informative and your knowledge on how best to use/make the most of social media was very useful indeed!

Selena Brathwaite


I loved it! (Creative Duck Talk on Social Media) And have been implementing all your amazing tips this week… HUGE thanks! You guys rock!

Eugenie Streather

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