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Let us eat cake!

This morning Hello Henley and the events team at Badgemore Park met up with cake goddess and all round lovely person, Kate from Dolce Lusso Cakes. Did we mention, we love our job?

Badgemore Park’s wedding team are always looking to add more wonderful Wedding Suppliers to their Little Black Book. To be honest, Kate didn’t need to bribe the team with her cake, she’s already ‘IN’ – but we all forgot to mention that to her, out of pure gluttony.

Our absolute favs? Prosecco cake (what’s not to like), the Carrot & Orange cake (sublime and succulent) – and the Passion Fruit cake (this slither of delciousness just WON Friday).

Henley Decorators Ltd

Another sunny day, another lovely client!

We’re super happy at Hello Henley. We were already big fans of Henley Decorators Ltd, and had always eyeballed their excellent paint jobs as we meandered around town. And now, we’ve been asked to get creative for them on Facebook and Instagram. We’re happy, they’re happy – and did we mention that the sun is still shining?!

Henley Decorators Ltd Website

Valesca Borlase Reflexology

Exciting times here at Hello Henley HQ. We are currently helping a new client ‘get her social on’. For some of us Social Media is second nature, for others it really is just bothersome and they’d rather spend their time and energy on their business. Which is where we can step in. Valesca came to us with a simple request ‘help me’. Ta-dah.

First up we needed to get the Facebook page looking as professional as the brand it represents. It needed to be easy to navigate, with more ‘call to action areas’, whilst being true to Valesca’s brand. We then moved on to kickstarting a stylish business instagram page. We’re really happy with the work that has been achieved over the last few days, and so too is our client. Next up we’ll be giving Valesca training in how to strategise, schedule and social post all on her own (and our client needn’t be scared… Hello Henley will always be there to hand hold, that’s what we’re here for).


New Client: Elliott & Powell

Apologies, we’re a bit late posting this one up. However, we have a darn good excuse. When Keri Powell contacted Hello Henley 4 weeks ago, asking if we might be able to help raise awareness of their work – and in particular their gallery space at The Henley Festival – we ‘whooped’ and did one of those big ‘jump-heel-click-moves’. Of course we would help! We were already massive fans of their Portraits, so it really was a no brainer!

Hello Henley set to work immediately. Firstly we had a re-jig the Facebook page and study the analytics. Then do the same on Instagram. With a tweak here, and a tweak there (it was actually quite a few hours, but who’s watching the clock when you’re loving what you’re doing) it was all working smoothly and already speaking to the audience in a clearer, more focused way. By the time The Henley Festival came around, interest was raised and now it was down to Elliott & Powell to work their magic over the course of the five nights – supported by daily social media posts. Elliott & Powell smashed it, and the feedback has been amazing! Since festival, Hello Henley has been focusing on the platform Pinterest as a key area in which Elliott & Powell can work. We have also been introduced to Houzz – a Social Media Platform for Interior Design peeps. We learn something new every day!

If you are interested in learning more about what Elliott & Powell do, or just fancy a look at their beautiful Portraiture Reconstructed, then please visit their website: http://www.elliottandpowell.com


Elliott & Powell at the Henley Festival 2017 “the first portrait gets hung at the Long Gallery Bar.”

Chimp-tastic Marketing

Meet Mini Monkie. Over the last few months Hello Henley has been avidly watching this fluffy primate having a blast in and around Henley-on-Thames… via social media. We ingenuously enjoy following his chimp-tastic-antics not only because he is outrageously hilarious – but because we are fascinated by this brilliant marketing strategy. Mini Monkey would clearly attend the opening of an envelope, if it had a Henley postcode emblazoned on it. And, if required, he’d wear a dapper suit whilst doing so! If Mini Monkie’s human counterpart is linked to the Henley Town Council, we at Hello Henley applaud you! Because lets face it – #lovehenley will only get us so far! 

Using Mascots can work marketing magic. They can give a face and even a personality to a brand, creating a figure that’s more relatable for customers than a bunch of business buzzwords. What a monkey has to do with a riverside town… who knows, but it works! It is no secret that people are used to seeing mascots talking to them from their televisions – remember the Honey Monster, and what about the talking Churchill Dog. Using these mascots on social media offers a chance for businesses to connect with their audience on computer and mobile screens too. This form of marketing is an unexpected treat for consumers, who are often bombarded with images of buildings, businesses and landscapes. It can also solidify your savviness on these social media platforms. Making you a key player in the marketing world.

How can using a mascot work for you and your business?

The key strategy to remember is thus: Using a mascot is a great way to give your brand a figurehead. Which in turn can give you a voice on social media networks. You can engage with your audience and entertain at the same time. For example, nobody enjoys shopping for insurance. It is stressful and usually highlights the things in life that you most worry about. To alleviate this negative feeling insurance companies often adopt lighthearted / fun mascots to front their business. As mentioned before, look no further than the Churchill dog – ‘Oh Yes!’. On Twitter @churchillthedog has 5,938 followers, and is only following 22. There is no denying their reach has been impacted by the use of a mascot.

So, Henley-on-Thames, what say you? Shall we take a vote. Mini Monkie for town mascot. Let’s roll him out (not literally, that would defeat the purpose) on all town marketing… wouldn’t it be great to have a figurehead at the front of Henley’s tourism campaign? He is a Henley gent after all. C’mon Henley – make it so. I’m sure Mayor Kellie Hinton would be happy to work alongside a monkey of this calibre.

Meanwhile, Mini Monkie, if you’re reading this on your miniature Banana i Phone (do monkey’s like apples?) – get in touch, Hello Henley would LOVE to collaborate with you. We’re your biggest fans.



With wags and a woof

Today has gone a bit dog crazy!

I am working on, not one… but FOUR ‘dog projects’.

Firstly, as the founder of Henley’s Top Dog, I am very proud to say the annual competition to find Henley’s most wonderful canine is still going strong after all these years. We are about to launch this year’s competition – on Friday 16th June 2017 – in The Henley Standard and on the Henley’s Top Dog Facebook Page and we’re super excited to be working in association with The Henley Standard, and Editor Simon Bradshaw, as we have done for the last seven years. Whilst our important working relationship with Erik @ The Henley Vets (who always comes on board as a judge) is also worth a mention. This year the theme is Man’s Best Friend and we are very lucky to have linked up with the Sue Ryder Hospice in Nettlebed – AND it is in the grounds of the hospice that we will celebrate the end of Top Dog 2017 with an awards ceremony – tied in with their Forget-Me-Not Walk. Top Dog 2017 is also sponsored by Naughty Mutt Nice, Henley’s Boutique Dog Grooming Parlour – and they are giving away some absolutely amazing prizes!

The second project Hello Henley are working on is to raise the profile of the Bix & Assendon Fun Dog Show. We have created a logo and a Facebook Page for them, as well as fixing them up with a fantastic new judge for this year’s fete, Laura Poole – owner of WoOfits Walkies. We will continue to post on their Facebook page in the run up to the fete on Saturday 10th June 2017. Stay tuned for loads of dog friendly posts!


And the other two dog projects… well, well. We’ll let you know very soon. Wag wag wag. Sniff.






Got to be in it – to win it!

Do you want more engagement on your social media platforms? Competitions and giveaways (as are events of any kind) are a brilliant way of giving people an entertaining (and beneficial) reason to interact with and promote your business and services.

With our client – Reids of Henley – we have just launched a Month of May Giveaway. It was owner Ian’s idea to give away a whole month of free shirt laundering – and what an amazing prize it is. And one that will be fun to promote.

We have used FB as the landing platform – all the T&Cs and How To Enter can be found there. Twitter has and is being used as a drip feed to engage and build excitement. While Instagram followers were lucky enough to get the pre-launch of the competition. We’ve even engaged with the Mayor of Henley, who gave Reids Social Media followers a new hashtag to work with #welovereids

Good luck to all those entering the #reidsgiveaway

With wags and a woof.

We are super proud to announce that we will be looking after this year’s Henley’s Top Dog Competition in conjunction with The Henley Standard. This competition woofed its way onto Henley’s canine scene back in 2010.

This barkingly brilliant event sees Henley’s dog owners going to paw-to-paw to win the coveted title of Henley’s Top Dog.

Every year this competition launches a new theme – and invites guest judges on to the panel for the all important judging process. In the past we have seen Olympic themed entries (judged by Olympic Rower Debbie Flood) as well as blooming wonderful entries in conjunction with Henley in Bloom. We’ve met rescue hounds, pampered pooches, characterful cairns, performing pups and much much more. We even had local artist Clive Hemsley donate five amazing portraits to our winning dogs in 2015.

2017 will see a partnership with the Sue Ryder Care Hospice and their fantastic dog -friendly Forget Me Not walk on Saturday 16th September 2017.

Henley’s Top Dog is given a huge amount of support by The Henley Standard and Editor Simon Bradshaw. It also has an amazing partnership with Erik D’Arcy Donnelly who works as a vet at The Henley Veterinary Practice, and steps up every year as a judge. Guest Judges have included – Town Mayor Jenny Wood, Olympic Rower Debbie Flood, Radio DJ Mike Read, Henley in Bloom Chairwoman Kellie Hinton, Artist Clive Hemsley and MBE Alex Gregory.

Hello Henley has been working on building Henley’s Top Dog a wordpress site and we will be publishing on Facebook & Twitter throughout the Summer as the entries roll in! We are very excited to be working alongside The Henley Standard to help promote this wonderful event – which is now in it’s eighth year!

Visit the website http://www.henleytopdog.wordpress.com or follow all the goings on via Facebook and Twitter.

Build your brand in Instagram land.

As part of Hello Henley’s ‘Feeling Sociable’ package we post to Instagram. Instagram, as you probably know, is all about aesthetics. A successful Instagram account needs to be stylish and cohesive – while giving a strong sense of recognisable brand identity.

One of the first things I ask businesses when I meet to discuss working with them is ‘what is the visual style you want for your brand?’ A good place to start is  by choosing a filter (or three at most) and using them for the majority… if not all of your posts. By using the same set filter you establish a style that will become synonymous with your brand – as well as being recognisable to your followers. The reason we suggest you do this is to get Instagram users to stop scrolling once they see your image – therefore they will engage with it by liking or commenting.

If you’d like to know more about how Social Publishing could work for your business then please do get in touch (visit the contact page to send us an email) or call us on 07930441820.

Reids of Henley est. 1945

We love a good business. Especially one that does what it does so brilliantly. Reids of Henley is one of these businesses. Their attention to detail is second to none, and the quality of their service is mind-blowing! Which is why Hello Henley was chuffed to bits to be asked to take on their Social Media. You see, in this day and age you can have THE most brilliant business, but you still need a voice. It is a noisy world, and to attract new customers you sometimes need to make yourself heard. Using tools such as social media – and press & publicity – you can make your brand more ‘visible’ (credit to media guru Natasha Courtenay-Smith for this hardworking word ‘visible’). Ian Reid, the owner of Reids of Henley, had already given twitter a good go, but felt ‘he was giving a speech to an empty room’. It can be disheartening, this is true. But the key is to keep posting and engaging, everyday. To help give Reids the attention they deserve Hello Henley has put together a ‘Daily Social Media Package’. Regular daily posts to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with appropriate # usage will, without doubt, make a big difference to their  analytics. We will also be using Facebook Live; Instagram Promotion and a giveaway  to draw in multiple Facebook page ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

Stay tuned!

Visit reidsofhenley on Instagram. reidsltd on Twitter. Reids of Henley Ltd on Facebook.