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Oh hello again, Marlow FM!

It seems like only yesterday we were at Marlow FM with Alistair Cooper MW talking all things grapes | booze | music with the lovely Mary Flavelle.

Yesterday we popped back there with another of our clients – Ian Reid (from Reids of Henley). Reids have recently opened a new store on West Street in Marlow (in addition to their flagship shop in Henley-on-Thames) and Hello Henley have been asked to raise their Brand Awareness. It was a great team effort, and we love working with Ian and the team at Reids. If you’d like to listen to Ian talking about his love of cars | music | his family then you absolutely can! Wrap your ears around Mid Morning Matters here (from 01.35.00):


Thanks again to all the lovely folk over at Marlow FM!


Rock Stars and Winemakers

Tune in to Marlow FM (97.5) tomorrow morning at 11am to hear my client and Master of Wine, Alistair Cooper, talking to Mary Flavelle about his love of wine – and also discussing the new launch of Diving into Hampton Water – a rose, created by Jon Bon Jovi, his son Jesse Bongiovi and Gerard Bertrand.…/bon-jovi-and-son-launched-a-rose-win…


Radio ga ga.

Exciting MarlowFM 97.5 Studios news!
We’ve booked two clients in with the wonderful Mary Flavelle on Mid Morning Matters for March. Tune in on Wednesday 7th March at 11am to hear Alistair Cooper MW talk all things grape. Then tune in again on Wednesday 21st March at 11am to hear Ian Reid of Reids of Henley discuss what it’s really like to lead a #drycleanerslife – both guests will be choosing their desert island discs. Hello Henley will be tagging along as the Lynne to their Alan Partridge.


Pesky algorithm meddling?

I have a little favour to ask.
If you’re a follower, believer, a fan or friend of Hello Henley then I would love you to join our new Facebook Group:

Hello Henley Cover Photo
Why? You ask.
Well, it has a lot to do with Facebook’s latest algorithm update. You may have heard about it? If you haven’t then here’s the low down:
According to Zuckerberg, feedback from the FB community tells FB that public content (posts from businesses, brands and media) is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other. I would agree, even as a Social Publisher I am often amazed at how little I now see from my friends and family. In fact, the majority of posts I scroll past relate to Trump, the vegan movement and Michael Macintyre. All informative and hilarious in their own way, but the balance has shifted from what was the most important thing Facebook did — help us connect with each other.

Hello Henley has been expecting this update for a while and this is what we will be doing to help our clients going forward:

  • Facebook Pages (Business Pages) need to generate meaningful interactions in order to be seen. This means posts to pages must create back and forth conversation. That is more or less why businesses employ Social Publishers – to create engaging content. But you lot have a role to play too. If you see a post and you like it, then let us know you like it.
  • Videos (once an excellent tool on FB Pages) will be seen less. This means people will spend less time on FB scrolling through endless videos of hamsters on pianos. A good thing! If you still want to engage as a business, then Live Streaming is key. If you’re nervous about ‘going live’ we can help.
  • Embrace FB Groups (like we’re doing). Might this work for your business too? Hello Henley is here to discuss this option with you.
  • Embrace other social platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest. Both excellent ways to promote your business. But don’t just jump ship, understand the other platforms and how to use them.
  • Put some money behind your brand and use FB advertising. But make sure you have everything set up for this. Otherwise you’re just wasting your money. This is another thing Hello Henley can help with.
  • Don’t just rely on the posting of pretty pictures and graphics. While this might have worked thus far, going forward it just isn’t going to cut it.
  • Speak to a Communications Expert (like Hello Henley). Communications Experts not only know how to use Social Media, but will determine which social media platforms are best suited for your business. They will have past-experience in the generation of information that flows between business, the media and the consumer (in our case a background in magazine editorial, copywriting, event management, business branding / marketing and media liaison).

Panic not! While Zuckerberg is being cursed by some for his pesky algorithm meddling, we are embracing it. A change, after all, is as good as a rest.

Zuckerberg Illustration by Vincent Rhafael Aseo

Marlow FM part 3

I might have mentioned it before, but I love hanging out with Mary Flavelle at Marlow FM. Today I popped along to the studios for the third time – but, it wasn’t me doing the on-air nattering on this occasion, it was my partner (and client) Alistair Cooper MW.


Mary invited us along so Alistair could chat about achieving his Master of Wine and basically wax lyrical about all things vino. It was all fascinating stuff, and Hello Henley got a few mentions.

However, the piece de resistance was meeting Celia Imrie. What a treat!



Chimp-tastic Marketing

Meet Mini Monkie. Over the last few months Hello Henley has been avidly watching this fluffy primate having a blast in and around Henley-on-Thames… via social media. We ingenuously enjoy following his chimp-tastic-antics not only because he is outrageously hilarious – but because we are fascinated by this brilliant marketing strategy. Mini Monkey would clearly attend the opening of an envelope, if it had a Henley postcode emblazoned on it. And, if required, he’d wear a dapper suit whilst doing so! If Mini Monkie’s human counterpart is linked to the Henley Town Council, we at Hello Henley applaud you! Because lets face it – #lovehenley will only get us so far! 

Using Mascots can work marketing magic. They can give a face and even a personality to a brand, creating a figure that’s more relatable for customers than a bunch of business buzzwords. What a monkey has to do with a riverside town… who knows, but it works! It is no secret that people are used to seeing mascots talking to them from their televisions – remember the Honey Monster, and what about the talking Churchill Dog. Using these mascots on social media offers a chance for businesses to connect with their audience on computer and mobile screens too. This form of marketing is an unexpected treat for consumers, who are often bombarded with images of buildings, businesses and landscapes. It can also solidify your savviness on these social media platforms. Making you a key player in the marketing world.

How can using a mascot work for you and your business?

The key strategy to remember is thus: Using a mascot is a great way to give your brand a figurehead. Which in turn can give you a voice on social media networks. You can engage with your audience and entertain at the same time. For example, nobody enjoys shopping for insurance. It is stressful and usually highlights the things in life that you most worry about. To alleviate this negative feeling insurance companies often adopt lighthearted / fun mascots to front their business. As mentioned before, look no further than the Churchill dog – ‘Oh Yes!’. On Twitter @churchillthedog has 5,938 followers, and is only following 22. There is no denying their reach has been impacted by the use of a mascot.

So, Henley-on-Thames, what say you? Shall we take a vote. Mini Monkie for town mascot. Let’s roll him out (not literally, that would defeat the purpose) on all town marketing… wouldn’t it be great to have a figurehead at the front of Henley’s tourism campaign? He is a Henley gent after all. C’mon Henley – make it so. I’m sure Mayor Kellie Hinton would be happy to work alongside a monkey of this calibre.

Meanwhile, Mini Monkie, if you’re reading this on your miniature Banana i Phone (do monkey’s like apples?) – get in touch, Hello Henley would LOVE to collaborate with you. We’re your biggest fans.



Marlow FM is my new favourite place to hang out!

I loved it so much last time that the lovely Mary Flavelle invited me back on to her show Mid Morning Matters! Just like before, I had a blast. In fact, I would wholeheartedly say that Marlow FM is now my favourite place to hang out (apart from my bed – where I like spending as much time as possible – sleeping, eating, snoring, reading – you know how it is).

If you fancy a listen to me gassing, you can – click this link and go to / Mid Morning Matters / Wednesday 14 June/ 90 minutes onwards

If you can’t be bothered, here’s the lowdown:

I discussed my dyslexia, and how it has never stopped me from doing what I wanted to do. It made it bloody tricky, that’s for sure. But don’t ever let anything stop you from following your dreams. I also spoke about Hello Henley and a few of our clients, Reids of Henley and Poppy Wilson MUA. We chatted about the Sue Ryder Women of Achievement Awards – for which both Mary and I were nominated. And Mary won, deservedly! I then went on to discuss life before Hello Henley, and also life before Naughty Mutt Nice (the dog boutique and brand I created seven years ago and recently sold to a wonderful dog groomer called Karole Robertson). I told a few home truths about life in the eighties – and last but not least I discussed with Mary how I felt about recently turning 40. It is a total positive! I love it, and I haven’t hit the botox (yet).

If you would like to promote your business on the radio I can help you pitch and prepare, drop me a line


On Air!

On Wednesday I popped along to the Marlow FM studios. I’d been invited to appear on Mid Morning Matters by the station’s host Mary Flavelle (who also won the coveted Sue Ryder Women of Achievement title this month).  It was enormous fun, and it was lovely to meet Mary – she is a hoot! I had an hour long guest slot, so as well as getting through six songs (I finally got to do my own Desert Island Discs!) I was able to discuss the career path that has led me to Hello Henley.

We discussed my magazine career in great length – from Eve Pollard to Gordon Ramsay. We then had a good old chin wag about Naughty Mutt Nice, and how I came to start the business and then sell the brand seven years later. Then in-between we discussed wine, Camden, wilful daughters and the anatomy of a bull. Would I go on again, yes, at the drop of a hat!

But this wasn’t just an exercise in me talking about myself and playing awesome music… taking the time to do something like this meant that I was pushing Hello Henley to a wider audience. Marlow FM has a listenership of approximately 18,000 people – in Social Media terms, that is a massive ‘reach’. And this is exactly the kind of publicity small businesses need in addition to Social Publishing to get themselves heard and understood. It can seem like a scary process, but I promise you, it isn’t.

If you’d like to hear my interview on Mary Flavelle’s brilliant show then click the link below – and scroll forward to 36 minutes and 50 seconds.

(Mid Morning Matters / Wednesday 29th March 2017 / 36.50)