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Pesky algorithm meddling?

I have a little favour to ask.
If you’re a follower, believer, a fan or friend of Hello Henley then I would love you to join our new Facebook Group:

Hello Henley Cover Photo
Why? You ask.
Well, it has a lot to do with Facebook’s latest algorithm update. You may have heard about it? If you haven’t then here’s the low down:
According to Zuckerberg, feedback from the FB community tells FB that public content (posts from businesses, brands and media) is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other. I would agree, even as a Social Publisher I am often amazed at how little I now see from my friends and family. In fact, the majority of posts I scroll past relate to Trump, the vegan movement and Michael Macintyre. All informative and hilarious in their own way, but the balance has shifted from what was the most important thing Facebook did — help us connect with each other.

Hello Henley has been expecting this update for a while and this is what we will be doing to help our clients going forward:

  • Facebook Pages (Business Pages) need to generate meaningful interactions in order to be seen. This means posts to pages must create back and forth conversation. That is more or less why businesses employ Social Publishers – to create engaging content. But you lot have a role to play too. If you see a post and you like it, then let us know you like it.
  • Videos (once an excellent tool on FB Pages) will be seen less. This means people will spend less time on FB scrolling through endless videos of hamsters on pianos. A good thing! If you still want to engage as a business, then Live Streaming is key. If you’re nervous about ‘going live’ we can help.
  • Embrace FB Groups (like we’re doing). Might this work for your business too? Hello Henley is here to discuss this option with you.
  • Embrace other social platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest. Both excellent ways to promote your business. But don’t just jump ship, understand the other platforms and how to use them.
  • Put some money behind your brand and use FB advertising. But make sure you have everything set up for this. Otherwise you’re just wasting your money. This is another thing Hello Henley can help with.
  • Don’t just rely on the posting of pretty pictures and graphics. While this might have worked thus far, going forward it just isn’t going to cut it.
  • Speak to a Communications Expert (like Hello Henley). Communications Experts not only know how to use Social Media, but will determine which social media platforms are best suited for your business. They will have past-experience in the generation of information that flows between business, the media and the consumer (in our case a background in magazine editorial, copywriting, event management, business branding / marketing and media liaison).

Panic not! While Zuckerberg is being cursed by some for his pesky algorithm meddling, we are embracing it. A change, after all, is as good as a rest.

Zuckerberg Illustration by Vincent Rhafael Aseo

New Client: Black Swan Bridal Studio

I’m on a bit of a dizzy high. My senses are totally gazebo’d by the absolute exquisite wonderfulness of the Black Swan Bridal Studio. Located by the river in Wallingford, in a beautiful boathouse – here you’ll find owner, Chloe Jeffs, surrounded by a plethora of gob-smackingly stunning bridal gowns. We’re talking Alice Temperley, Karen Willis Holmes and Gemy Maalouf.

I’m totally hankering a try on before disappearing through a magic door, in some kind of Mr Benn fashion. I can confirm Chloe does not wear a fez or live in a 70s cartoon.



I was at The Black Swan Bridal Studio today not because I am getting married (sorry, mum). It was with my Hello Henley hat firmly on. Chloe has asked me to do a Social Media Audit on two of her Social Media Platforms. I’m incredibily excited to be working with such a brilliant business.

Feel free to get in touch if you wish to book your initial consultation for a Social Media Audit. I look forward to hearing from you.  You can contact me via FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, email – a good old fashioned telephone call will also do the trick: 07930 441820


New Client: Elliott & Powell

Apologies, we’re a bit late posting this one up. However, we have a darn good excuse. When Keri Powell contacted Hello Henley 4 weeks ago, asking if we might be able to help raise awareness of their work – and in particular their gallery space at The Henley Festival – we ‘whooped’ and did one of those big ‘jump-heel-click-moves’. Of course we would help! We were already massive fans of their Portraits, so it really was a no brainer!

Hello Henley set to work immediately. Firstly we had a re-jig the Facebook page and study the analytics. Then do the same on Instagram. With a tweak here, and a tweak there (it was actually quite a few hours, but who’s watching the clock when you’re loving what you’re doing) it was all working smoothly and already speaking to the audience in a clearer, more focused way. By the time The Henley Festival came around, interest was raised and now it was down to Elliott & Powell to work their magic over the course of the five nights – supported by daily social media posts. Elliott & Powell smashed it, and the feedback has been amazing! Since festival, Hello Henley has been focusing on the platform Pinterest as a key area in which Elliott & Powell can work. We have also been introduced to Houzz – a Social Media Platform for Interior Design peeps. We learn something new every day!

If you are interested in learning more about what Elliott & Powell do, or just fancy a look at their beautiful Portraiture Reconstructed, then please visit their website:


Elliott & Powell at the Henley Festival 2017 “the first portrait gets hung at the Long Gallery Bar.”

Duck Talk

Last night I was incredibly lucky to talk at the inaugural Creative Duck Event at The Hotel du Vin in Henley on Thames. The Creative Duck are a new collective whose aim is to bring together the creative community in & around Henley-on-Thames – a place where people can exchange ideas & learn together, with regular meet-ups and inspiring guest speakers.

I was asked to come along and give a talk on Demystifying Social Media and Using Social Platforms to Help Build Your Business Brand. Over the course of the one hour talk I discussed:

  1. Who I am and what Hello Henley is? Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.12.39
  2. The reasons why your business should use Social Media

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.12.56

3. Where to start – it can all be so confusing…

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.13.16

4. My Top Three Tips

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.13.27

5. I also discussed Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest in great detail – while looking at the dreaded Algorithm – plus hashtag use, shadow banning, business accounts on the more visual platforms, like Pinterest – and much much more!

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.13.48


It was absolutely amazing working with the Creative Duck team (Sarah, Joey, Jo and Nicola), who I would now happily call my friends! And Senior BBC Journalist Sophie van Brugen who asked me some great questions and kept my nerves steady (thank you Sophie!). It was also amazing to chat to so many wonderful women (and a couple of gentlemen) about their businesses and their social publishing problems to date. I’ve arranged to meet up with a large handful of people for a consultation, which is super exciting. We also gave away a free week of social posting as part of a draw – the lucky winner was Carolina Ballon-Forrester, who owns Kittyrama. I can’t believe my luck, animal businesses at my forte!

You can watch the talk in its entirety on the Creative Duck Facebook Page – see the link below. References of note: the book – Profitable Media Marketing by Tim Cameron-Kitchen and a fantastic Facebook Ad webinar I was lucky enough to attend, given by Author, Blogger and Social Media Guru, Natasha Courtenay-Smith. You should look her up, she is excellent!

Aspen is available for Social Media Talks and Workshops – email