Hello Henley is the brainchild of Aspen Weatherburn.


With the help of SnapChat

An Education

After graduating from University (with a degree in Media & Journalism) Aspen packed her bags and moved to London – where she found herself a job at OK! Magazine. During the 10 years spent in London town, Aspen embraced and embodied the art of Editorial Copywriting; Advertorial Copywriting; Section Editing, Feature Commissioning; and most importantly she mustered the necessary skills required when interviewing celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Danny Dyer, Joan Rivers, David Walliams, Simon Cowell, Jimmy Savile, Billy Piper, Olivia Coleman, John Simm, Bruce Forsyth and many more. Fact: Jilly Cooper once asked to use Aspen’s name in one of her novels… this has yet to transpire. During the early days, Aspen also personally assisted  Fleet Street editor, Eve Pollard and magazine editors Deirdre Vine and Marcelle D’Argy Smith with all their day-to-day magazine editorial needs.


Naughty Mutt Nice

In early 2009, Aspen put down her pen and put on her thinking cap. The world of magazines had become suffocated by Jordan’s breasts and obsessed by the consumption of ‘celebrity’. Aspen wanted out. In fact, so annoyed had she become by vacuous z-listers, that the only tonic was waggy, slobbery, wonderful woofers! Aspen created and launched her own business brand and model, Naughty Mutt Nice – a Dog  Grooming Boutique. And opened the doors to the flagship store in Henley-on-Thames, in 2009. The success of this business came from a lot of hard work AND the  Marketing Strategies, Social Media Growth and PR stunts that Aspen employed to keep the public engaged. From sponsoring Ben Fogle’s talk on Labradors at The Henley Literary Festival to founding a yearly dog competition in the town (in association with The Henley Standard).  Aspen also appeared in numerous medias talking about all things dog – including BBC Radio Oxford, Marlow FM, The Henley Standard – and many trade magazines. Then in early 2017, a fellow dog-lover offered to buy Naughty Mutt Nice, brand et al. Sold.



Hello Henley

With an ‘ants in her pants’ kinda attitude, Aspen decided very quickly on her new venture. Why not encapsulate the journalism, the copywriting, the PR, the Marketing, the business management, the Social Publishing, and that GCSE in photography… and start a business focusing on Communications. Hello Henley.

Hello Henley Cover Photo