Chimp-tastic Marketing

Meet Mini Monkie. Over the last few months Hello Henley has been avidly watching this fluffy primate having a blast in and around Henley-on-Thames… via social media. We ingenuously enjoy following his chimp-tastic-antics not only because he is outrageously hilarious – but because we are fascinated by this brilliant marketing strategy. Mini Monkey would clearly attend the opening of an envelope, if it had a Henley postcode emblazoned on it. And, if required, he’d wear a dapper suit whilst doing so! If Mini Monkie’s human counterpart is linked to the Henley Town Council, we at Hello Henley applaud you! Because lets face it – #lovehenley will only get us so far! 

Using Mascots can work marketing magic. They can give a face and even a personality to a brand, creating a figure that’s more relatable for customers than a bunch of business buzzwords. What a monkey has to do with a riverside town… who knows, but it works! It is no secret that people are used to seeing mascots talking to them from their televisions – remember the Honey Monster, and what about the talking Churchill Dog. Using these mascots on social media offers a chance for businesses to connect with their audience on computer and mobile screens too. This form of marketing is an unexpected treat for consumers, who are often bombarded with images of buildings, businesses and landscapes. It can also solidify your savviness on these social media platforms. Making you a key player in the marketing world.

How can using a mascot work for you and your business?

The key strategy to remember is thus: Using a mascot is a great way to give your brand a figurehead. Which in turn can give you a voice on social media networks. You can engage with your audience and entertain at the same time. For example, nobody enjoys shopping for insurance. It is stressful and usually highlights the things in life that you most worry about. To alleviate this negative feeling insurance companies often adopt lighthearted / fun mascots to front their business. As mentioned before, look no further than the Churchill dog – ‘Oh Yes!’. On Twitter @churchillthedog has 5,938 followers, and is only following 22. There is no denying their reach has been impacted by the use of a mascot.

So, Henley-on-Thames, what say you? Shall we take a vote. Mini Monkie for town mascot. Let’s roll him out (not literally, that would defeat the purpose) on all town marketing… wouldn’t it be great to have a figurehead at the front of Henley’s tourism campaign? He is a Henley gent after all. C’mon Henley – make it so. I’m sure Mayor Kellie Hinton would be happy to work alongside a monkey of this calibre.

Meanwhile, Mini Monkie, if you’re reading this on your miniature Banana i Phone (do monkey’s like apples?) – get in touch, Hello Henley would LOVE to collaborate with you. We’re your biggest fans.