On Air!

On Wednesday I popped along to the Marlow FM studios. I’d been invited to appear on Mid Morning Matters by the station’s host Mary Flavelle (who also won the coveted Sue Ryder Women of Achievement title this month).  It was enormous fun, and it was lovely to meet Mary – she is a hoot! I had an hour long guest slot, so as well as getting through six songs (I finally got to do my own Desert Island Discs!) I was able to discuss the career path that has led me to Hello Henley.

We discussed my magazine career in great length – from Eve Pollard to Gordon Ramsay. We then had a good old chin wag about Naughty Mutt Nice, and how I came to start the business and then sell the brand seven years later. Then in-between we discussed wine, Camden, wilful daughters and the anatomy of a bull. Would I go on again, yes, at the drop of a hat!

But this wasn’t just an exercise in me talking about myself and playing awesome music… taking the time to do something like this meant that I was pushing Hello Henley to a wider audience. Marlow FM has a listenership of approximately 18,000 people – in Social Media terms, that is a massive ‘reach’. And this is exactly the kind of publicity small businesses need in addition to Social Publishing to get themselves heard and understood. It can seem like a scary process, but I promise you, it isn’t.

If you’d like to hear my interview on Mary Flavelle’s brilliant show then click the link below – and scroll forward to 36 minutes and 50 seconds.

(Mid Morning Matters / Wednesday 29th March 2017 / 36.50)