Understanding Facebook Analytics

Facebook analytics can be a bit like Marmite, some people love them and some people hate them – and some people just don’t get them. In order to truly use Social Media to its full potential, you need to understand the analytics.

It is all well and good posting great photos and snazzy editorial… if you don’t look at what your audience are doing you may as well be giving a speech to an empty room. Last week the reach Hello Henley achieved for my newest client was 2,357 people. That was up 100% from last week. This is excellent – but how did we get there?

You start with the metrics – the people who are fans of your page or people who have the potential to become fans through the direct interaction with your page content. Last week, my client gained 17 new likes (up 100% from the week before) – it may not seem like that many, but this is where the multiplying starts! The Metrics lead directly to Post Impressions – these are how many times a post is seen in the newsfeed of a fan, or a friend of a friend. Then come the Engaged Users (the people who click your posts) and the Talking About This crowd (they are the ones who create a newsfeed story from your content by liking, commenting and sharing) – we like that lot, a lot! This then brings us nicely to Reach = the total number of people who receive and see impressions (your posts) in their Newsfeed. It is important to remember your content is seen by people more than once, so the Reach number is always smaller than total Impressions.

And while we’re on the subject, the key to all of this is `friends of friends’ (and this is the absolute reason you limit private posts to ‘just friends’). Friends of Friends is everyone you have the potential to influence. The extended network is often hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. All other metrics are a fraction of this number… less than 1%.

Happy posting!